Goat Therapy - 1/16/2012 : White Oak Farm
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We often get calls from people asking for our opinion and advice regarding boer goats.  After finding ourselves addressing some of the same concerns over the course of time, we began to wonder if there might be a way we could share some of our experiences so that more people might benefit.  As a result, this blog was born.
We hope that you find this blog informative.  Over the past ten years, we have found raising boer goats to be a challenging yet rewarding experience.   This blog is meant to share with you our knowledge on what we have learned over the years, so that you do not have to learn the hard way.
Feel free to call us with questions or post a question for us to address.  We love to talk goats with fellow goat breeders and enthusiasts.  After all, the most fullfilling part of raising boer goats is the great friends we meet along the way! 

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Goat Therapy - 1/16/2012

by Carole Pontious on 10/31/13

From time to time, I stop and reflect why we are in the boer goat business.  Our intent when we began this operation was to offer the kids a rich farming lifestyle, which we remember growing up with fondly.  However, as the kids get older, we find that there are many other extra curriculars out there for young people.

Then, I realized something.  The goat operation doesn’t necessarily have to be all about the kids.  It can also bring a great deal of satisfaction to the adults.

Let’s call it goat therapy.  In our busy lives, stress can consume us.  We get wrapped up in meetings and phone conferences, which can really overwhelm us.  Then, we go to the barn.  The goats are so happy to see us.  They chew on their cud blissfully.  We find our breathing is calmer.  We work off some pent up energy by tending to our herd.  We enjoy the distraction it brings from the everyday world.  And at the end of the day, we can nod off by counting goats not sheep.

Sure raising goats can be stressful, too.  But make no mistake, goats can also take us away from the stresses of everyday life.   I hope all of you can enjoy a little goat therapy today.

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